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The live teaching platform.

it doesn't matter if you're in Norway and you need to quickly know about the local dialect, or if you want to understand the fundementals of project management while waiting for the departure of your plane, all you need to do is to find another member of the community that can teach you on Voltair.cloud !

The definitive tool for teachers and learners!

Check out some of the key features of Voltair.cloud

Outstanding UX

Every small detail is studied to provide the best visual and usability experience

Earn money with your knowledge

Creating a course is easy and quick, and no matter how niche your expertise field is, someone will be interested

Free registration

Registration is completely free, we ask you only for a small service fee per lesson


You can propose as many courses you want, in different fields, with different prices

Knowledge fields

Courses are divided into six sections: Academics, Languages, Technology, Lifestyle, Business, Music


Access from all over the world, no matter where you are

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