Frequently Asked Questions

let's clear any confusion about the platform!

What is offers an internet platform that gives people the possibility to organize courses of various kind and others to book them.

Is a school?

Nope, is not a school, the platform does not interfere in the relation between teacher and student.

Is there any cost to register for the site?

No, the registration is completely free of charge

Do I need two different accounts one as a teacher and one as a student?

you need only one account. with this account you can create courses or attend them.

Can other users find me when doing a search?

Only when creating a course you will visible in the search, otherwise your account won’t show.

What kind of courses can I create?

Any kind that is part of the of the categories that are listed on the platform.

Which categories are there?

Academics, Business, Languges, Lifestyle, Music, Technology

How do I become a teacher?

Just by creating a course in your field of expertise, we have two categories of teachers, teaching coach, this is a person with a rich experience in his/her field of expertise and a teaching professional, who is professional teacher then we require that you provide official documentation that verifies this status.

How much do the lessons cost?

The costs for the lessons is fixed by the teacher and shown in the course's page, in his/her profile, and in the search result page

How do I book my lessons?

Each teacher profile includes a calendar and based on his/her availability you can choose a date and a time when to book your lesson.

Can I cancel a lesson once booked?

Yes, you can cancel a lesson, the deadline for free of charge cancellation is defined by each teacher and may differ from course to course.

How do I pay for the lesson?

You can pay via existing online payment systems available on the platform

Do I need an account for these online payment systems

Yes, you need to have and account.

Where will the lessons take place?

Online, using an external platform that has been agreed upon together with your teacher.

Is there a service fee for buying or selling lessons?

Yes, in order to maintain the platform we ask for a service fee for each lesson booked to the teacher, which is 15% of the price

As a teacher, for how long can I keep a course active?

For as long as you wish, there is no time limit.

How many courses can I offer?

How many you feel you met the requirement of have a deep knowledge of the topic you want to teach.

Can I share teaching materials with my students?

Yes, you can share files and media, as long they are made by you or you are licensed to share them. It is your responsibility not to commit any infraction

Who will be able to see the shared files?

Files and media will be visible only from the teaching user and his/her student, as long as the teacher keeps them visible

Can I sell other kinds of teaching materials, like recorded courses ?

We are working on it, stay tuned ;)

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